For Printers


Do you want to separate yourself from other printers and add new customers? Look no further, Clientell does just that. We assist in making print more personalized than ever, offering detailed reader audience reports, and so much more. 

For Advertisers


Are you responsible for advertising at your company? Are you an advertising agency? Then you're going to want to see this. Clientell gives you mass amounts of information on your customers so you know who and how to target your advertisements.  

For Social Media Marketers

Is social media a core channel that you use to grow your business? Clientell assists you in targeting ads to the right people so you can make more money.


Small Business & Startups

Is growing your business one of your top goals? Are you looking for the best solution at the right price? Clientell is the complete package for getting you more customers, understanding the ones you have, and improving your marketing.


Welcome to Clientell

Clientell is a data analysis product created by Analyze Corporation to give you greater insight on your customers or audience. Clientell results in better decisions, improved service, and targeted growth.

  • Clientell and the analytics that it provides has proven to be a very valuable link between magazine publishers and catalogers and new revenue streams
    — Robin Mattson, Regional Sales Manager at Freeport Press, Inc.
  • Clientell has been a terrific resource for landing new business and expanding our customer offerings. We are ecstatic at the opportunity we have to work with them moving forward and recommend the platform to anyone!
    — Austin Waterman, Director of Strategic Accounts at Allied Printing Services, Inc.